I am an iPhone 6

peopleoncellphonesI am an iPhone 6. Yes, I did say those words. Now some may be thinking “gosh, thats an odd statement” or “what is he on?” What would possess me to say such a thing? Just last week, I was sitting in my Philosophy 101 lecture bored out of my mind and most likely doing some online shopping. At one point, I came back my mindless daze and heard my professor say something that struck me as interesting: you are your technology. I’m no philosopher, nor do I actually understand what philosophy is from lecture (I should probably lay off the online shopping and pay attention), but I agree with my professor’s statement. We live in a society where we depend on technology to do even the slightest task. For exa1f89897ea88625e764eede53fb5f81abbdd1de15f40fafaa9d8ae54e2b4a759a_1mple: reminding me to empty the dish washer. Better yet, finding what is 2+2. We, as a capitalist nation, have become so reliant on our devices, we have objectified ourselves to fit our devices. If the phone can’t do it, you can’t so it. In a way, we revolve our worlds around
the cellular device. They say that it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. In those seven seconds, we might look at what phone they have. Is it a well known brand? Is it pretty? And is it expensive. From that knowledge, we form our impression of their social and/or economic status. If it is all of those things, then they must be a pretty important person. According to society, you can’t just have a good phone. You can’t just have a pretty phone. You have to have the best, prettiest, most expensive phone you can find.
So is it absurd to say that we are the technology we have? We only do what our phones have the capacity of doing, and if it cannot complete the task, we might as well stop trying because now we have to actually think for once. On top of all of that, we judge others on a bases of what that have or don’t have. I am ashamed to admit that I participate in such a world, but there is no denying my dependence upon that glossy screen. I am an iPhone 6, which is ironically the very instrument used to write this post.

It’s all good, though. It’s just another lo(athe)ve story.


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